Dessert wine

  • Moscato d'Asti D.O.C.G. MOSCATO D'ASTI D.O.C.G.

    Wine made from white Moscato grapes. It has a refined character and is light gold in colour, with a full-bodied, sweet, fruity and balanced flavour. It goes perfectly with any kind of dessert. Ideal with pastries and excellent infused with strawberries and peaches.
    It is served chilled at 8 -10° C.


  • Malvasia Di Casorzo D.O.C. MALVASIA DI CASORZO D.O.C.

    It is native to an area where the ancient varieties of Malvasia are grown. The wine it produces is bright red, with a sweet and fruity flavour, particularly suited for pairing with fruit, in season, and fine pastries.
    It is served chilled at 6 - 8 ° C.